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Create Your At-Home Spa Experience With A Waterfall Faucet

After a long day, everyone wants to come home to a place where they can relax. Your bathroom should be seen as a place to unwind, and for those who want a modern design, a waterfall faucet is an obvious choice. This unique style creates a relaxing atmosphere that helps foster a feeling of luxury without having to leave your home. Your new at-home spa can be enhanced with the addition of a modern, traditional or transitional waterfall faucet.

Rather than spraying down, the open faucet guides the water to the edge where it cascades from the spout, creating a quieter, more pleasant experience. By being able to blend this faucet with different design styles, you can make your bathroom look even more glamorous.

Creating a bathroom that acts as an oasis requires thoughtful touches and detailed design. Larger elements of the bathroom, such as the floor and wall finishes, light fixtures, and tub and toilet, are ways you can create the desired feel. But it’s the small details that can take a design from forgettable to incredible, and a waterfall faucet is the small detail that can be the finishing touch.

Traditionally, sink faucets are mounted on the deck of the bathroom sinks. But in the world of wall-mounted waterfall faucets, the design opportunities are endless. Whichever way you decide to place your waterfall faucet, the design opens up opportunities to further customize the look of the bathroom and create a unique design that remains highly functional. A wall-mounted waterfall faucet also has the added advantage of creating a more open feel on the bathroom vanity. Keeping the deck clear frees the bathroom from clutter and perfectly complements a modern or minimalist design.

The bathroom in any home must be, first and foremost, functional. For years, this meant bland bathroom fixtures that served their purpose but didn’t leave much room for clients to have a unique bathroom design. Incorporating the waterfall faucet will help you create that full spa experience while also creating a more modern look.

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