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What's Trending in Baths Right Now

White continues to be the dominant color in bath cabinetry, but other colors are making inroads. Our showroom clients most recently have been making personal design statements by selecting painted cabinets in rich calming colors such as shades of blue and gray and green.

A well-designed bathroom is an organized bathroom. Manufacturers have upped the ante with creative and practical organizational tools such as built-in organizers in drawers to hold hair dryers, toiletries, cosmetics, medicines, brushes, etc. These new organizational accessories provide our clients with the tools needed to have clean lines and a modern aesthetic.

Open floor plan kitchens have been popular for some time. Technological advances in shower drains allow for open floor plan baths and have fueled the popularity of curbless showers. Not only do curbless showers allow for more design options, they also enable homeowners to age in place gracefully and with dignity because they no longer have to navigate a lip or step up to enter the shower area. Curbless showers are also an effective option for those using a wheelchair.

Many of our clients are creating focal points in their baths with a sculptural soaking tub, head-turning chandeliers, sconces and other light fixtures. Statement-making mirrors, creating a statement wall by incorporating bright bold colors or covering an entire wall that is not in the shower area with stone, engineered quartz or tile are other popular options.

Our clients increasingly recognize that they have the ability to create an in-home spa that provides them a few minutes every day devoid of smart phones, social media and familial and workplace demands. In-home spas typically feature digitally controlled multi-function shower systems that offer light and aroma therapies, music, steam systems and multiple showerheads. Other common features of an in-home spa are a sculptural freestanding soaking tub, radiant-heated floors, smart mirrors and water closets with the ability to clean themselves.

Wall-mounted vanities and water closets have also become very popular solutions for our clients. Wall-mounting enables our clients to achieve a clean, modern look and feel to their new baths while at the same time making cleaning the bath easier.

Trending finishes at the moment are black, many shades of gray and unlacquered brass.

As you discuss the latest trending products and designs with your bathroom designer, be sure to consider whether or not those trends will stand the test of time. For example, let's look at a recent trend that has changed over time. Twenty years ago, granite countertops were the rage. They represented luxury and exclusivity for a new bathroom. Today, granite countertops, while still immensely popular, are not considered exclusive or unusual. In many instances, quartz has overtaken granite as a more trend-setting countertop material.

How long you plan to live in your home is a factor to keep in mind when considering different styles and trend options. Homeowners who plan to stay in their home for ten or more years typically are not concerned about the effect their design decisions will have many years from now. If your goal is to improve the quality of your home for an upcoming sale, then your design decisions should gravitate to a palate that will deliver the most significant return on your investment. Our showroom has designed hundreds of baths; we understand designs and products that resonate best with home buyers.

What hot trends are most appropriate for your new bath? Give us a call at (215) 454-2258 or visit our showroom at 127 S Easton Rd. Glenside, PA 19038, and let us show you how to convert your design preferences into a dream kitchen or bath.

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