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Defining Modern Design

Modern design is an exciting hot trend that speaks to many of our clients who want bright open spaces. Modern design has its roots as a response to the detailed design eras such as the Victorian and the Gothic eras, which were characterized as extremely ornate.

Modernism is the result of a focused effort of clients to simplify their lives. When we complete a modern bathroom, our clients benefit from our efforts to curate and specify meaningful fixtures, vanities, shower systems and other components of the remodeling project in a strategic way that results in a clean space with minimal clutter.

Modern design often calls on our team to do more with less. It requires observation, innovation and stimulation. Modern design is an exciting option, because it gives our clients and our team the opportunity to challenge themselves and their surroundings.

Modern design can be difficult to define, however, there are several central characteristics and design themes seen throughout modern design. Domino magazine surveyed 10 leading interior designers and architects to find out what modern design meant to them. Some characteristics of modern bath design are as follows:

  • Clean lines.

  • Bright open spaces.

  • Minimalist.

  • Streamlined fixtures.

  • Genuinely curated objects that personalize a space.

  • The intersection of form and function.

  • Purposeful and aesthetically driven.

  • Simple, authentic, uncomplicated and timeless.

  • Everything you need and no more.

  • A modern bath or kitchen that is comfortable.

  • Neutral color palettes.

  • The ultimate luxury.

  • A room that is tactile, fresh, alluring and inviting.

  • Functional and stylish.

  • Employing eclectic use of materials, textures and styles to produce a comfortable room that is both polished and finely curated.

  • Open-minded and curious.

  • Pushing forward while respecting the past.

  • Authentic and optimistic.

  • Forward facing and confidently open.

  • Chic without the appearance of effort.

  • Curious, courageous and confident.

  • Experimenting with new ideas, materials, textures that inspire.

  • Understated elegance.

If any of these characteristics appeal to your style and dreams, give us a call at (215) 454-2258 or visit our showroom at 127 S Easton Rd. Glenside, PA 19038.

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