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Concrete Basins: Kast Designs

Kast is quickly becoming one of out hottest selling lines! We first spotted these amazing concrete sinks at ICFF New York in 2017. We held off for one year, but when we saw this beauty floating around Pinterest, we knew this line would be a home run.

Kast is a London-based design studio that makes concrete lavatory basins. Inspired by clean forms and solid rectagular and round shapes. Concrete is boasted to be a material that is the strongest and most durable to use. Kast concrete basins are mostly seen complemented by Vola and Watermark faucet fixtures, which add a splash of color and fun. Vola's colorful faucets are perfect for their wide range of grays, whites and blacks.

Concrete is a unique material that combines the organic characteristics of natural stone with the ability to be cast into any shape. Using tints and precision blends of admixtures it can be manufactured with a vast spectrum of finishes. With striking and sophisticated forms, the Kast series of concrete hand-wash basins have been designed to make the most of these properties.

After 15 years in this niche industry, 2013 saw the launch of Kast, an exclusive range of concrete product basins. Kast was the first full and concise range of concrete wash basins in the world and features a variety of styles, each with a unique aesthetic that is integral to the character of the material.

The versatility of concrete also attracts an abundance of custom contracts. Kast have produced beautifully crafted bespoke works for leading architects, designers and brands internationally. From concrete basins for the retail, hotel and professional sectors to concrete to residential clients in their own homes, Kast pride themselves on their quality craftsmanship and refined design.

Kast is available in so many colors, and every time we blink, more styles and colors are released! Call us at Flow to make an appointment to check them out in person at 215-454-2258 or email for more information!

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