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Victoria + Albert Go Color Crazy

If you know anything about Victoria + Albert you doubtless know about Englishcast, the company’s proprietary tub material that takes the preternaturally durable and lovely material of Volcanic Limestone, finely mills it, and blends it with quality resins: “The finished result is Englishcast, a world-class stone composite that delivers unrivalled strength, durability and beauty.”

Now imagine if that very same material shone forth not just as a blindingly light white—which is exceedingly beautiful in its own regard—but as Living Coral or Carmine Red or any other of the 194 RAL colors now offered as the Victoria + Albert color service.

The new service anticipates a rising trend: homeowners and designers getting bolder with color in the bathroom. With spring just around the bend, this is a refreshing development for those grown a bit surly with the recent profusion of greys and whites.

This unprecedented unveiling of vivid tubs is achieved via an exacting process of hand-polishing proprietary catalyzed paints: “lending an exceptional depth and luster to the colored finish that is considerably more long-lasting than traditionally painted surfaces.”

Additional finish options include glossy or matte, the upshot being upwards of 28,000 variants for bathtubs and 5,000 for basins.

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