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Women In PHCP: Rachel Lucks-Hecht

Women In PHCP: Rachel Lucks-Hecht

August 27, 2020

Ashlei Williams

Meet Rachel Lucks-Hecht! She is the president of Flow Bath and Kitchen Design Studio. In the following Q&A, PHCPPros recaps the conversation about her work, mentorship among women in the plumbing, heating, cooling, and piping (PHCP) industry, and more.

PHCPPros: How did you get into the PHCP industry? 

Lucks-Hecht: My husband and I decided to open a sophisticated plumbing showroom in the Philadelphia area because we saw a gap in the market place for a combination of high quality, high end products along with a major need for an amazing experience when shopping for decorative plumbing fixtures. My husband owns Able Plumbing Supply and for years has heard complaints from plumbers and contractors regarding the service their customers received when visiting showrooms. He turned to me several summers ago and said, "I'm ready to open a showroom and you're the only person I trust to do this with." I had zero experience in the industry and spent the next year learning everything I could. I met with sales reps, went to trade shows, networking events, and many conferences. During that time, I learned quickly how much of a male dominated industry this is, but I did meet some wonderful women in decorative plumbing and design. 

PHCPPros: Do you have women in the industry who have mentored you?

Lucks-Hecht:  Early on, we hired a woman with experience as a rep and sales associate who worked with me on product selections for the showroom and helped show me the ropes. I also met some wonderful women through Luxury Products Group who were always generous with their advice when needed. 

PHCPPros: Do you mentor other women in the industry?

Lucks-Hecht: I have mentored women that I've hired to work at Flow, as well as introducing new products lines to many of the designers who shop with me. I have encouraged them to step outside of their comfort zones in regards to brands and styles and have helped curate some amazing projects through excellent collaboration. 

PHCPPros: Is there anything related to women in PHCP that you want to add?

Lucks-Hecht: I think the way things have historically been in the decorative plumbing industry misses a woman's touch and point of view. I created a showroom unlike any other; a comfortable, inviting, beautiful showroom I would love to shop at.


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