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Understanding Water Valves

The experience and luxury of a shower is more than just the style. Creating a shower system with ideal pressure and temperature makes all the difference. In this blog we will be talking about the 2 shower valves that can transform your showering experience, pressure balance and thermostatic.

Why are these important?

Have you ever taken a shower and all of the sudden in your refreshing showering experience you feel the temperature increase to inferno? This is because your shower does not include the modern safety technology of these valves. Someone begins a load of laundry, begins to wash the dishes or flushes the toilet and you let out a welp from the firery hot water hitting your skin! This is because the cold water that is mixing with the warm water in your pipes for showering, gets taken away to fulfill the other plumbing fixtures in your house. Having a thermostatic or pressure balance valve will eliminate this situation by adjusting to the occurrences of the water being used.

Know the difference

Understanding the difference between these two valves can be confusing. Both of these valves have an anti-scolding technology meaning that one cannot get burnt from the temperature fluctuating while in the shower. Pressure balance works by noticing a change in the pressure from the cold/hot water being used. Someone flushes the toilet, the pressure balance valve notices there’s less cold water, and in return reduces the pressure of hot water being used.

Thermostatic is an even showering experience with never noticing even the slightest change in temperature. This valves is constantly adjusting the temperature ever so slightly to accommodate the changes that are happening while other fixtures are turned on. Thermostatic valves require a shower trim with two handles, one for temperature and one for pressure. This means no more goldilocks finding what temperature is just right before hopping in. Having the handles turned to your preference of temperature and pressure will guarantee that you will have a steady showering experience the entire time of your shower.

Pressure balance on the other hand has no temperature or pressure memory, meaning you will be testing the water to determine if this one is too hot, too cold, or just right every time you turn on.

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