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Icera Introduces iWash Integrated-Bidet Smart Toilet

Los Angeles-based Icera Group has expanded its toilet lineup with a new smart unit that integrates a bidet seat, a remote control, and a host of personal features.

The Muse iWash Integrated Bidet toilet, the company says, “combines cleanliness, comfort and cutting-edge engineering” and “pairs practicality and pampering in one sleek package.”

“A luxurious addition to any upscale bathroom, the Muse iWash system offers exceptional cleaning power while conserving floor space with its smart two-in-one design,” the company explains. “A minimalist silhouette and skirted trapway conceal the extraordinary technology that sets the Muse iWash apart from the competition.”

Muse offers a bowl-cleansing pre-mist that is activated whenever the seat is occupied, and it automatically flushes, creating a sanitary, touch-free bathroom experience. Other features include a heated seat, deodorizer, and in-bowl LED nightlight, among others.

“What’s truly amazing about the Muse iWash is its level of customization,” Icera says. “From a heated seat and warm air dryer with adjustable temperature settings to the rear, front and oscillating sprayers with variable positioning, the iWash system can be configured to suit individual preferences.”

The unit has two user presets to save preferred settings to ensure a repeat experience every time, and a backlit remote that be attached to the wall with a magnetic mount.

In addition to the high-tech features, the Muse iWash is a high-efficiency unit that flushes with 1.28 gallons of water and uses an open-rim flush for maximum performance. The glossy white porcelain bowl is enhanced with MicroGlaze, an antimicrobial porcelain finish for easy cleaning and long-lasting good looks.

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