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Making Smaller Bathroom Appear Larger

Not every home can accommodate a double shower, freestanding soaker tub, dual vanities, an abundance of cabinet and storage space and so on. When space is at a premium, specifying different components in the bath, color options and light selection can help make smaller baths appear bigger. Here are several suggestions:

  • Use one color for walls, floors and ceilings. For contrast, use the same color family for flooring material and all other surfaces in the bath.

  • Let in as much natural light as possible. It will open up the space and provide character.

  • Don’t use window coverings if possible.

  • If window coverings are necessary, they should be the same color as the walls.

  • Use lighter or neutral colors throughout the space.

  • Cooler colors can create the impression that the walls are receding.

  • Install an oversized mirror or set of mirrors to produce extra light and sparkle.

  • Specify wall-mounted water closets, vanities and/or sinks.

  • Specify clear glass for the shower enclosure.

  • Use recessed light to wash a wall, thereby creating a feeling of increased space.

  • Place shelves in the corners of the room and light the shelves with track lighting or LED light strips. Casting light in corners and crevices brings attention to details that otherwise go unnoticed. It also helps to create a vertical path of vision for people to follow. When you look up and down versus horizontally, rooms appear to be bigger.

  • Place wall sconces, overhead lights and lamps higher in the room to push vision upward.

  • Use smaller fixtures in order to provide more space to move around. Opt for pedestal sinks instead of a vanity. Pedestals typically take up half the space of a vanity.

  • Put lights on dimmers. If the small bath only can accommodate a single light, provide that fixture with increased functionality.

  • Use large format floor tile with subtle patterns.

  • Extend cabinets to the ceiling. Hanging pendants can make rooms look bigger.

  • If you would like additional suggestions for making a small bath appear to look larger, please call our showroom at (215) 454-2258 or visit us at 127 S Easton Rd. Glenside, PA 19038.

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