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Partnerships That Work For You!

When you watch a home-improvement show on HGTV, DIY or another network, there’s a good chance you will not obtain a true sense of what is involved in the renovation process, and it is all but guaranteed that the pricing and timelines on television will create false or unrealistic expectations. While a great source of ideas and creative possibilities, home improvement television is first and foremost entertainment, as opposed to documentary, and does not reflect the real world. The ability to establish a realistic budget and timeline expectations are valuable services that you can expect from partnering with a professional showroom. Regardless of your budget and scope, partnering with a showroom professional provides the experience, expertise and passion to make your dreams a reality.

Many of our clients make the decision to renovate their baths simply because that space no longer meets their goals, lifestyle or needs. There is no doubt that a qualified contractor can install a new bath and handy homeowners can assist with demolition, installation and product selection. Oftentimes installers either select products on their clients’ behalves or sway their decision-making because the customer is unfamiliar with boutique, limited distribution or recently introduced products. Would you want your installer to select the fabrics for your new living room furniture? Would you want your dry cleaner to select the clothes you wear based on what’s easiest for them to clean? If the answer is "no", then why would you want an installer to pick the fixtures for your new bathroom? If design, performance and aesthetics are important to your project, you will be best served by partnering with a professional whose job is to know the latest trends, technological innovations and product offerings that will meet your needs. Professional designers and showrooms specialize in what’s trending and have the experience and knowledge to recommend fixtures, finishes and accessories that many contractors, installers and even the most-savvy homeowners don’t come across.

Improving the efficiency and pleasure that your bathrooms can bring is only one reason that many of our clients make the decision to renovate or build new. Another is more practical. The master bath is the second most important room in the home, behind only the kitchen. A remodeled bath creates value and makes your home more saleable.

Working with a professional designer and showroom takes on added significance and value if your home is older or historic. Bringing the new bath up to code, maintaining the historic look and feel, and specifying the elements and details that match the rest of the home’s décor require a special expertise.

A well-designed bath is an organized bath. Today, manufacturers continue to raise the bar for storage solutions that range from plug and play drawer organizers and pull out drawers, to innovative vanities that allow you to charge your smart phones, devices and everything in between.

If your bath is cramped and difficult to navigate, that’s even more of a reason to turn to a professional. We can make smaller spaces not only look and feel more spacious, but we also have the expertise to make the space more functional.

If you are dreaming of a stunning new bath complete with spa-inspired functionality and aesthetics, fixtures that will make you the envy of the neighborhood and a space that allows you to wash away the stresses of the day, give our showroom a call at (215) 454-2258 or visit our showroom at 127 S Easton Rd. Glenside, PA 19038. Is there a good reason why your dreams should not become a reality?

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