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Creating Additional Space Is an Art

Imagine creating an in-home spa where you can wash away the stresses of the day and enjoy a few precious moments that are all your own. Maybe your new sanctuary features a large soaker tub, steam shower with light- and aroma-therapies, dual vanities, beautiful sinks, faucets and mirrors, an elegant chandelier, breathtaking sconces and lots of storage possibilities. After visiting Pinterest, Houzz and a few design sites that got your creative juices flowing, you plan to visit a showroom. Suddenly, the reality of space and budget cause you to pause. Maybe you don't believe that the footprint of your existing master bath or your budget will allow for your dreams to be realized. That doesn't mean though that you can't get the master bath you want.

Our approach to a master bath renovation starts with asking questions about how the space will be used - who will use the space and for what purposes? This information enables us to offer "what-if" recommendations for our clients to consider. How cool would it be to add a non-vented electric fireplace to your master bath? What would you say to an open floor plan bath that provides the same look, feel and functionality as an open floor plan kitchen? What would you say to placing a sculptural soaker tub in the bedroom? You can look online all day, but you won’t find the solutions and suggestions our showroom can offer once we know what your dreams are.

We create value for our clients because we know how to maximize the space that exists and can create new space by reconfiguring a closet, taking advantage of dead hallway space, reworking a guest bedroom or offering suggestions for alterations to the master bedroom. While you may believe your existing footprint limits your options, we’d like you to know that it may not.

There are several schools of thought when designing a new master bath. One is to address functionality. A bathroom serves several specific tasks, from grooming to hygiene. A second is to consider what-ifs. What if we could work with you to create a dramatic space that would be the envy of your neighbors and good friends? What if you eliminated the tub altogether to create a stupendous double shower? And it doesn't have to be just one end of the spectrum or another. Here are several ideas to consider:

  • We can recommend interior organizers, electrical outlets, lighting and charging stations that expand the functionality of storage spaces.

  • Would you enjoy a bidet function with your water closet? There are many different toilets on the market that not only provide the functionality that you require, but are energy- and water-efficient and also deliver the "wow" factor that transforms a commode into a work of artistic sculpture.

If you like the look of a freestanding bathtub but have a tight budget, we may be able to make your dream a reality by pairing your tub with a less costly deck mounted faucet.

  • Lighting can make or break a bath and has functionality that extends far beyond avoiding tripping in the dark. Lighting affects your ability to prepare for the day, whether it is shaving or applying makeup.

  • In bathrooms where there is not sufficient space for the toilet’s own compartment, we often specify a frosted glass wall or a tall cabinet to shield the toilet from view.

  • We create space by specifying wall-mounted toilets and vanities.

  • We understand that purchasing a vanity designed specifically for the bath provides our customers with infinitely more options, functionality and enjoyment than building your own cabinets.

What can you do with the available space that you have for your master bath? Give us a call at (215) 454-2258 so we can explain how to make your dreams come true or visit our showroom at 127 S Easton Rd. Glenside, PA 19038 to let us demonstrate how we can create space you didn't even know existed.

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