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New Product Alert: Sleek And Practical Filtered Water For The Home

Introducing the latest in filtered water dispensing. Elkay brings to you the new ezH2O Liv. For those of us tired of walking all the way to the kitchen in the middle of the night or when you want to fill up your water bottle before heading to the gym this new filtered dispenser for the home has a myriad of uses that can be put in multiple places.

This amazing new piece of technology is built in to the wall which allows it to be placed just about anywhere in your house. It has safety locks to make sure you don't end up with a mess on your hands when small children are around. The optional chiller is perfect for people with differing opinions on whether water is better cold or room temperature.

Don't let the chic design fool you this is also an environment saver. It's sensor activated so it's not likely to go off wasting water without something there to fill. Additionally it has a nifty bottle counter so you can actually see the impact you are personally having and how much needless plastic you are saving the environment from. The ezH2O Liv is brand new to the market and available now! Contact any of us at Flow to order yours today at 215-454-2258. What do you think of this in wall system?

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