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Flow is Featured in the Luxury Products Group Destination Showrooms Book!

Read the text here:

“A destination showroom is different and unique, something that stands out in both design and atmosphere. It defines the term ‘customer experience’ and it should provide a ‘Wow!’ Effect as soon as someone walks in the door. It should look and feel like a place that was worth traveling to, and should have the products and expertise to back up that first impression.” -Rachel Lucks-Hecht, Owner

One of the reasons FLOW has become a destination showroom is because of our unique and exclusive products that aren’t found in any other showroom in our area. We have had people travel more than three hours to see and touch some of these products in person.

Our building itself attracts attention because of its industrial chic look, which creates a first impression of our great style and knowledge about the latest trends. Almost every day, people walking by look in through our windows and some come inside to take a peek at what we have on display. It’s important to welcome anyone who just stops by and make time for them. Many of them end up coming back when they need something - or referring us to people they know who are undertaking projects.

FLOW is bright and have a clutter-free environment with products showcased in welcoming vignettes. This keeps us from pushing a visual overload onto people who come inside. Our range of styles is designed to fit all tastes. We also carry most price points, from affordable to high end, which gives clients the confidence that they will find something they love no matter the size of their budgets. And out sales people offer all clients the same high level of attention and service regardless of the size of their purchase.

I love the relationships and trust we build with our customers. We help them create their own private sanctuaries and gathering places for their families and friends. Our showroom design helps customers pinpoint what they really want, rather than just going the easy route with a common brand or a common style someone told them about.

Social media has helped us engage with many target customers, including designers, contractors, builders and plumbers, and showcases our gorgeous products as well as our human side. We try not to talk ourselves too seriously, which helps put people at ease.

Going hand-in-hand with that, our website reflects what customers will experience when they come in. We have photos of the showroom and product pages that feature a wide variety of what we offer. All of this helps communicate our style and personality- and creates greater visibility for our showroom in our market.

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