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Decorative Plumbing: Drains + Traps

One of the most mundane parts of the sink could be considered the drain. In past decades, it’s been looked at for its functionality only, and not necessarily stylish components – until now. With the rise of interest in decorative accessories in kitchens and bathrooms, manufacturers and designers are investing more attention to detail in the aesthetic of these products – allowing designers and home owners to choose from a pretty cool assortment of them.

For the demographic of taste makers and connoisseurs of style – this one is for you. Kitchen and bath product manufacturer, Link-a-sink, offers an incredible assortment of geometric-shaped drains reminiscent of mazes, stars, herringbones, and swirls. Also available from Link-a-Sink are semi-precious stone and shell drains -- and even ones with Swarovski crystals. Also inclusive to their assortment are drains crafted in the shapes of turtles, alligators, and starfishes, etc. as well as other decorative drains that range in finishes from polished nickel to bronze to pewter.

There are two plumbing pipe styles to choose from beneath the sink - each nicknamed the P-trap and bottle trap. These specific parts were also considered an unattractive characteristic of the plumbing system and has never been visible until now. However, with more modern and contemporary sink designs, this component has become exposed and therefore the aesthetic of its design has been reassessed. P-traps are shaped, of course, like the letter P and have a curvier appearance. Bottle traps have more of a linear tubular shape and appear to be a bit sleeker than the P-trap.

Anatomy Of A P-Trap:

A Bottle Trap Featured In A Gold Finish:

Designers and consumers can now customize the finish and style of their P-trap to complement their sink. Mountain Plumbing offers a variety of styles of P-traps in finishes such as Oil Rubbed and Venetian Bronze for a more purposely aged look, or brushed nickel and polished nickel for a more contemporary take.

Pictured Below: Bottle Traps In Various Finishes:

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