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A Little Bit Of Old With A Whole Lot Of New

After 364 days of renovations, Lee and I are so excited to announce that Flow Bath and Kitchen Design Studio is open for business!

It was quite the process to renovate the Glenside Hardware Store. We know that the hardware and watch store has been missed by everyone in the neighborhood. We have already heard many stories about the owner of the watch store changing everyone's batteries for just a few dollars and that he was the nicest man. Neighbors also tell us how they miss getting their supplies and screen doors fixed at the hardware store.

Photo of our building back in 1930

To pay homage to this historic staple in Glenside, we tried to mix a little of the old with the new. One day in the early stages of our construction, Lee climbed up on a ladder, poked a hole in the ceiling and realized that there was a second set of wood beams. We decided we wanted to make the ceiling higher and had all of that wood taken down. Instead of just getting rid of it, we used the wood to create all of our tables and wooden shelves! When you stop in to see us, take a look at our two workspaces, our conference room table and the shelves many of our gorgeous faucets sit on! Thanks to John at Stable Tables in Flourtown, we have the most beautiful tables that hold so much history.

Wood Tables at Flow

Although we took down the old awning and got new windows, the window above the door at the corner of South Easton Road and Wesley Ave is the original window. I just love how it fits in perfectly with the overall aesthetic of the building and design.

Original window above the door

As you can see in the picture below, there was only exposed brick along the back wall. We had to cover that up to accommodate our office, conference room and huge working shower head display, but we got lucky!

The first day of this amazing chapter in our lives

The best find of all was the brick wall that was covered up by drywall! It lends itself perfectly to the industrial chic design we were going for.

We are so looking forward to becoming a very long time member of the Glenside and Cheltenham neighborhoods. Please stop in to say hi, take a look around, and let us help you with your bathroom and kitchen projects! We hope you like what we've done with the space!

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